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Memories from the winter break

I actually accomplished only a tenth of the things I set myself to do. The same day I got back I had dinner with family. America changed me a lot and they were the first to find it out with … Continue reading

Winter Break

Winter recess was a much-needed break from the daily stresses and pressures of attending USC. The best thing about attending USC is that there is always something interesting to do; the downside of this is that it can sometimes be … Continue reading


Posted on January 28, 2015 by Alicia

Memories of Winter Break

Having lived in a country with four distinct season for my life, it was so weird to hear that I got so much tanned over the winter¬†break! In fact, spending Christmas and New Year with a t-shirt and a short … Continue reading


Posted on January 16, 2015 by Seong Hun

Winter break

In the short breaks I take while studying hard for finals, my mind immediately flies back home: I can’t wait for winter break! Although I haven’t been homesick at all throughout the semester, now that there is only a week … Continue reading


Posted on December 10, 2014 by Giulia

winter break over
Winter Break

As always, winter break went by too fast. It was a great time for me to relax from all the schoolwork and more importantly it was a great time to see all of my family. A few hours after my … Continue reading


Posted on January 24, 2014 by Nickolas

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